Five years ago a striking floral painting in Lindaman’s Bistro in Spokane commanded my attention. As I admired it, the thought sneaked into my head, ‘Why, I have the perfect spot at home for that stunning picture.’ I took my husband, Walt, to see it and we agreed to take the plunge and make the purchase.

Ever since that day it has hung at the top of the most striking architectural feature of our home, a floating staircase. Neicy’s 3 foot by 11 foot mural is a joyful and colorful piece in our house. It brings happiness to us each day. Her painting is the artistic centerpiece of our home and hearth! Thank you, Neicy Frey!


“We have a small business in Spokane. We put out a call to creatives/artists to create booth spaces before we opened.

Neicy responded and immediately asked for the largest wall space.

We had no idea what she had in mind, but we were excited at the prospect.

Neicy worked night and day to create a magnificent mural in our business.

Her mural has been photographed hundreds of times, often as a backdrop for special occasion photos.

Neicy is professional, easy to work with and so very skilled in her trade.

If you need a piece of art (mind you, a piece that shines over all others), get with her. You will have every photo at your house or business taken with her art! Guaranteed. It’s beautiful and stand alone and a great back drop and... Have you considered your garage doors?”



I absolutely love my commissioned painting from Neicy. I live out of state but she was able to consult with me about what I wanted through email, sharing ideas and color palettes on Pinterest and over the phone. She listened to what I was looking for and delivered a sketch that was spot on. She kept me posted with the progress of the painting and guided me with the framing phase since I had to frame it after she sent the canvas. It was a pleasure to work with her and it was exactly what I wanted. Thank you Neicy!!


I am writing this testimonial because I have enjoyed working with Neicy and have always been very happy with our collaborative communications and her follow through.

Neicy’s paintings are a significant amenity to our hotels and are appreciated by our guests as well as our employees. I happily recommend Neicy and I am very willing to talk to anyone about her or her services, both of which are exemplary.


I have two stunning original paintings and one print in my home, all made by the talented artist, Neicy Frey. As someone with many artistic friends and family members, I’ve had lots of artwork, prints, and wall hangings in my home over the years. Neicy’s original artwork and painting style fits perfectly with my aesthetic and provides a serene and lovely backdrop to our home life. Her stunning floral depictions bring the outside world inside, like a fresh bouquet of flowers that is always there and never withers!

I feel better every day for having Neicy’s paintings around, and they contribute to my sense of well-being within my home. I receive compliments on my home constantly. People who come over don’t want to leave!

Neicy is my personal and very dear friend. I appreciate her presence in my life every day through the symbols she has created. Even though we live hundreds of miles apart, I see a part of her each day—she is present in our daily lives and I love that. Her work is positive, uplifting, bright.


I first came across Neicy in 2002 when I was captivated by a beautiful floral painting on display in a boutique in Spokane. I knew then I had to meet the artist and have a piece of her art for my home. I contacted Neicy, discussed my thoughts which resulted in a breathtaking 48 x 60 inch vibrant floral painting of hydrangeas, sunflowers and peonies that still is the focal piece of my Scandinavian inspired home in the country. There’s nothing I enjoy more in my house than Neicy’s beautiful painting.

I had never commissioned a piece of art before, but because I so loved my painting I had Neicy paint two smaller pieces for my two daughters. Years later, I still don’t tire of my lovely painting and the joy it brings to my home. An unexpected benefit for me has been the relationship Neicy and I have developed over the years as I have followed her art. I would encourage anyone interesting in an outstanding one-of-a-kind piece of art to explore the beautiful work of Neicy Frey.
I’ve always appreciated real art and like to buy from local and/or up and coming artists, building a collection of art that I have a connection with. I had been “fan girling” Neicy’s work for more than a decade. I wanted a “very Neicy” floral piece but commissioning one and therefore customizing it by collaborating with her made the art even more personal. Now I have a signature piece of art for my home that I make interior design decisions around.

Neicy gave me a rough sketch of the plan we discussed for the commissioned pieced which I happily displayed on my fridge as Neicy was working on the art. The completed painting looks similar but better! Art isn’t strictly preplanned, it involves emotion and inspiration that comes in the moment. This untamed place is where the magic happens. I was careful to keep direction for the art vague and encourage Neicy to take liberties as she felt them. The end result was better than I could possibly imagine.

You’ll never regret investing in Art. Neicy’s talent in undeniable and exudes joy. Don’t we all need a little more joy?


I am proud to call Neicy my friend and I am always amazed by her incredible talent! I had actually seen a large painting done by Neicy of white peonies and loved it, my favorite flower. I thought about this painting constantly. When my husband and I moved to a new home, one of the first things I realized was the perfect spot for one of Neicy’s paintings. I commissioned Neicy to create a peony painting for us and now we have this gorgeous work of art. The painting surpasses all expectations and is perfect!

I am extremely proud to have a signed, extraordinary piece of art from Neicy Frey. It was a joy to work with Neicy and she is not only this amazing gifted artist but a kind, patient, loving person, beautiful inside and out.


I have known Neicy for over a decade, originally meeting her when I purchased some of her botanical and floral paintings. I love to decorate my home and have worked with different decorators over the years, but recently I found myself ‘stuck’ trying to integrate vintage collections and beloved family heirlooms into more current design ideas. I got in touch with Neicy and asked if she would be able to work with me on my home.

When I first had Neicy over to help me, I didn’t realize how closely she was listening and ‘getting’ my hopes and ideas for my home. Within days she sent me detailed, full-color design pictures for each of the rooms we were updating, including source ideas for fixtures and furniture, furniture placement, paint colors, etc.

Neicy is personable, delightful, talented, reasonable, idea-full!…I enjoy every second working with Neicy and highly recommend her for any interior design project—large, small or mini! She does it all with a beyond-beautiful result.


Neicy is a talented artist and designer. She exudes a beautiful creative energy—everything she touches turns out unique and magical. She has also had years of experience with art installation and home design, and has a keen eye for decoration and Feng Shui. She will confidently decorate any space, and knows exactly how and where to place art and collectible items for a visually stunning and harmonious environment that ultimately brings peace to the space-dweller. This is and has always been her passion, so the execution of her vision comes from the heart, which is obvious and makes her work even more special. If you unleash her to do her work with trust in your heart, she will beautify your personal space perfectly because she is a visionary. She takes time to consider light, color, space, smell, and flow of energy so that the end-result is a little sanctuary that brings daily peace your body, mind and soul.


I first contacted Neicy, whose artwork I was familiar with, to bring interest and a unique appeal to the main floor of our early 1900’s home. I was exited to work with an artist I admire to bring my house to life and enhance its original beauty.

Neicy and I worked very well together all along our 6-month project. Our visions seemed to merge and we were able to agree on the colors and the design from the very start. I also gave Neicy some artistic freedom as I wanted my house to transpire her arts and style. This freedom allowed the original design to evolve along the way, which enabled each room to work with each other in a magical and stylish way.

Even though I was eager to see the colors and design come alive at once, the full project timeframe allowed my family to live and feel each newly painted room for a little while before starting a new one. I love the way the colors and designs reflect the changing daylight throughout the day bringing magic to my interior.

In addition to being a uniquely talented artist, Neicy is also a gem to work with. I enjoyed her flexibility and her ability to listen closely to my wishes and suggestions while staying true to her style in the final project. Her intervention in our house has brought daily joy to our life.


Neicy’s artwork brings warmth, joy and peace to any space it adorns. Her work reflects a playfulness and contemporary view of delicate yet complex beauty seen through her eyes which she interprets with a vibrant pallet for all to enjoy. We feel fortunate and honored to display her brilliant art in our home.