I hope you will join me on October 20, 2020 at 6PM for my first-ever virtual art show!

I will be walking you through my home, sharing my most recent work, a collection titled SIMPLE SHAPES. The video tour will be posted on Instagram @neicyfrey and @starhoteldesigns at 6pm on October 20. Additional videos and stories will be posted throughout the rest of October. The entire collection can be viewed here on the SIMPLE SHAPES collection page on the website.


This body of work was created amidst this year's pandemic, and is a response to the strangeness and uncertainty that we have all experienced in recent months. Rather than mirror the bleak outerscape, I wanted to create new artwork that would reflect the silver linings I've experienced this year. The ultimate silver-lining gift has been to be forced to settle in to the most essential things in my life, the bare-bones basics; the wonderful, simplest things that are left when everything loud and busy and superfluous has been stripped away. 

This collection is a celebration of those grounding and light-hearted things that have anchored me in crazy times such as these. Many of these things are the simplest (and even mundane) pleasures of home life, the garden, cherished fellowship with my closest family and friends, and memories of traveling and the sea.

Each of the 18 large-scale SIMPLE SHAPES paintings features two solid colors that together create an essential shape. The designs are meant to be primitive, boiled-down versions of the subject. Solid color fields are created by using many fine layers of varying hues. This produces a sort of depth to the colors, and also creates a velvety matte finish. Paintings are framed in elegant, natural wood float frames that are 2" deep. 

I hope you will be able to relate your own experiences to at least some of these paintings. I have created a series of fine art giclee prints with two different color variations of each of the 18 designs, with the wish that you will playfully create a personal grid that represents your unique narrative. 

Additional artwork included in this show:

  • Fine art giclee prints of the 18 original paintings, 2 color-ways available for each design in several sizes
  • Original painted studio sketches from the collection
  • Several black and white artworks, giclees and hand-blocked prints
  • Signed limited edition show posters will also be available!

All of the artworks in this virtual exhibition will be available for purchase through the SIMPLE SHAPES page on the Star Hotel Designs website. Original paintings are priced specially for this show through the end of October. (Prices for original paintings will increase Nov. 1!)

For more video clips, stories and behind-the-scenes peeks, follow Neicy on Instagram @neicyfrey